"Stop" Installation, ArtEllewa, Cairo 2010 "قف" معرض انشائي في آرت اللوى، القاهرة 2010

Dead End in Both Directions طريق غير نافذه في الإتجاهين

“STOP: To obstruct; to render impassable; as, to stop a way, road, or passage.
To arrest the progress of; to hinder; to impede; to shut in; as, to stop a traveler; to stop the course of a stream, or a flow of blood.
To hinder from acting or moving; to prevent the effect or efficiency of; to cause to cease; to repress; to restrain; to suppress; to interrupt; to suspend; as, to stop the execution of a decree, the progress of vice, the approaches of old age or infirmity.
To cease to go on; to halt, or stand still; to come to a stop.
To cease from any motion, or course of action.”

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